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Club Year Voting, Nominations, Elections

We are excited to announce the Officers & Nominating Committee Members.

Officers are as follows:

President - Aubrey Nash

1st Vice President - Laura Abbott-Licht

2nd Vice President - Dianne Graham

3rd Vice President - Kim Ragsdale

Secretary - Karen Osborne

Treasurer - Dave Temple

Board of Directors -

Shelly Baldwin

Terry Carr-Hall

Sandy Combs

Tara Hartman

Pat Hodges

Janelle McCord

Congratulations to the Nominating Committee Members:

Laura Abbott-Licht (Chair)

Kaye Atkinson

Linda Fleenor

Rita Kepner

Linda Stowe


Section 1 CLUB YEAR. The Club’s fiscal and operating year shall begin on the 1st day of January and end on the 31st day of December. The elected officers and Directors shall take office on the first day of January as of which date each retiring officer shall turn over to his or her successor in office all properties and records relating to that office.

Section 2 VOTING. At the Annual Meeting or at a special meeting of the Club voting shall be limited to those regular members in good standing who are present at the meeting: provided, however, that the annual election of Officers and Directors and amendments to the Constitution and By-laws shall be decided by written ballot cast by mail. To be eligible to vote in the annual election, a member must have been accepted into membership and be in good standing as of October 1. In no event may a member whose dues are in arrears as of the date of a special meeting or of a mailing by written ballot, be entitled to vote. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted. The Board of Directors may decide to submit other specific questions for decision by the members by written ballot cast by mail.

Section 3 NOMINATIONS AND BALLOTS. No person may be a candidate in a Club election who has not been nominated in accordance with these By-laws. The Board of Directors shall choose a Nominating Committee by March 31st of the election year. The Committee shall consist of five (5) members in good standing, of which no more than two shall be the same in any consecutive election and no more than one (1) shall be an Officer or Director. The Board shall name a chairman for the Committee. The Nominating Committee may conduct its business by mail and telephone.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate from among the eligible members of the Club one (1) candidate for each office and for each position on the Board of Directors and shall obtain the acceptance of each nominee in writing. The Committee shall then submit its slate of candidates to the Secretary who shall mail the list, including the full name of each candidate and the address at which he or she resides to each member of the Club between July 1 and September 1 of the election year.

Additional nominations of eligible members may be made by written petition addressed to the Secretary at his or her regular address no later than October 1, signed by no less than ten (10) members in good standing and accompanied by the written acceptance of each additional nominee signifying his or her willingness to be a candidate.

If no valid additional nominations are received by the Secretary by October 1, the Nominating Committee’s slate shall be declared elected, and no balloting will be required. The Secretary shall so inform the members of the Club by mail posted no later than October 31 of the election year. In the case of any individual office or position on the Board for which no valid additional nominations are received by the Secretary, the Nominating Committee’s slated candidate or candidates shall be declared elected, and the members of the Club informed with the ballots for the remaining contested positions.

If one or more additional nominations are received by the Secretary by October 1 of the election year, he or she shall, by October 31, mail to each member in good standing a ballot listing all of the nominees for each contested position in alphabetical order, with the address at which the nominees reside, along with a blank envelope and a return envelope addressed to the Secretary, marked ‘Ballot" and bearing the name of the member to whom it was sent. So that the ballots may remain secret, each voter, after marking his or her ballot, shall seal it in the blank envelope which in turn shall be placed in the second envelope addressed to the Secretary or other addressee designated by the Board of Directors. The Inspectors of election shall, prior to tabulating the results check the returns against the list of regular members in good standing as of October 1 and shall certify the eligibility of the voters and the results of the election. The results shall be mailed by the Secretary to the members of the Club no later than December 15 of the election year. Alternatively, the Board may direct that the results be published in an issue of The N.M.D.C. Miniature Dachshund Digest mailed to all members by December 31st of the election year.

Nominations cannot be made at the annual meeting or in any manner other than as provided above.

Section 4 ANNUAL ELECTION. In the election of Officers and Directors, the vote shall be conducted by written ballot; Ballots to be valid must be received by the Secretary no later than November 20 of the election year. Ballots shall be counted by December 1 by three (3) Inspectors of election who are members in good standing and who are not members of the current Board of Directors, or at the discretion of the Board of Directors, by an organization unrelated to the Club and qualified to count ballots in elections. The persons receiving the largest number of votes for each position shall be declared elected. If any nominee, as of December 1 of the election year, is unable to serve for any reason, such nominee shall not be elected and the vacancy so created shall be filled by the Board of Directors in the manner provided in Article ll, Section 3 hereof.


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