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NMDC National Specialty

The NMDC’s National Specialty is held once a year at various locales across the country. The show generally takes place just prior to an AKC specialty or all-breed show. During the 3-5 day event, the NMDC’s annual meeting and awards dinner are held. Host clubs and NMDC frequently sponsor hospitality sessions, seminars, and raffles. This is a great opportunity to learn about Miniature Dachshunds, meet new Dachshund friends, see Miniature Dachshunds from all over the United States and often other countries, and just have a good time!

The NMDC National Specialty is an exposition of Miniature Dachshunds governed by NMDC rules; the dogs are judged according to the NMDC breed standard. Generous cash prizes, rosettes, and NMDC medallions are awarded. Winning dogs are given points toward the making of an NMDC championship title according to the following schedule.


Number of dogs/bitches defeated





For more information refer to the NMDC Show Rules, Section 5: Championships

Sometimes performance events are offered. NMDC Specialty judges are usually experienced Miniature Dachshund fanciers and need not be licensed by the AKC.



For information on hosting a future NMDC National Specialty click the FAQs button :


National Miniature Dachshund Club Points & Awards

To view the Archived Past NMDC Points & Awards Click the link below :

2023 NMDC

National Miniature Specialty Show

Show Site Location:      PURINA FARMS

                                                               500 William Danforth Way, Gray Summit, MO 63039


Show Super:

Entries Open Date: 

Entries Close Date: 


Host Hotel:  Pinemark Inn

Location: 866 S Outer Rd | St Clair | MO | 63077

Phone: 636-629-1000 (MUST CALL TO RESERVE for the rates below)

$134.44/night doubles - $144.44/night kings & fold out queen bed

NO Dog limit! Dog Fees Waived! 


Schedule and Dates are as follows


Board meeting (at Host Hotel)

Date: 9/14/2023


NMDC National Specialty

Host Club: Three Rivers

Date: 9/15/2023


Start Time: After the Gateway Hound Show

NMDC Annual Awards Dinner 

Date: Host Hotel - Pinemark Inn

Location: 866 S Outer Rd | St Clair | MO | 63077

Time:  TBA

All-Breed Friday Show

Kennel Club: Gateway Hound Show

Date:  9/15/2023



All-Breed Saturday Show

Kennel Club: Three Rivers KC

Date:  9/16/2023



All-Breed Sunday Show 

Kennel Club: Three Rivers KC

Date:  9/17/2023



2023 NMDC Premium List
2023 NMDC Entry Form
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